What Are The Best Gag Gifts?

Everyone loves a laugh – but no one wants to get hurt. Even though practical jokes featuring gag gifts are popular, using gag gifts can get you into trouble. There is always the chance that your mark (the person whom the joke is being played upon) will get physically hurt. Any gag gifts involving parts becoming airborne should be moved off of your list. Having your mark toss the gag gift at you doesn’t count as "becoming airborne".

Avoid using hand buzzers if possible, too many people have gotten used to them. Also, some people will overreact and actually punch the prankster in reaction to the harmless jolt. Things are a bit tenser than in the fifties, when a lot of gag gifts were first being marketed. A slight "buzz" can often be misconstrued as a signal that someone is trying to attack you. No one reacts well in situations where they believe that they are under attack.

Another thing that you should try to avoid are any gag gifts that have to be eaten. The only time gag gifts involving ingestion should be considered is when you know all of the marks food allergies. In addition to allergies, find out if the mark is diabetic. Many edible gag gifts – even if they taste foul – tend to have sugar in them and even a small amount of sugar added to a diabetics diet could cause problems.

Two of the best gag gifts to use for practical jokes are whoopee cushions and fake dog poop. Everyone laughs, the mark is mildly embarrassed, and no one gets hurt. If you are not interested in whoopee cushions or fake dog put consider putting fake ice cubes with "bugs" in them into your mark's drink. The cubes are big enough so they won’t be swallowed. It's fun to see how long it takes the mark to notice!

Camouflaged gifts are also a safe and effective type of gag gifts. These pranks fool the mark into thinking they are receiving one item while you are giving them something totally different. For example, the mark thinks that they are getting a chocolate bar, but when it is touched it turns out to be a working calculator.

These gag gifts are all classics but they can still get a crowd to laugh. When using these gag gifts for pranks and practical jokes remember to have fun. Never do anything that might cause pain or humiliation.

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