When Are Gag Gifts Appropriate?

Many people enjoy giving good gag gifts to their family members and friends, but are often at a loss when trying to determine whether a situation is appropriate for giving any gag gifts or not. Some social situations are great for giving these types of gifts and these gifts could actually enhance the celebration. But there are some other social situations when giving gag gifts may not be appropriate and could cause the recipient to feel uncomfortable, which negates the humor of the gift. By determining which situations are right for gag gifts and in which situations these gifts should be avoided, you will make sure that the gift is always well received.

How well do you know the recipient?

The first thing that needs to be answered is that how well the person receiving the gift is known by the person giving the gift. Gag gifts are great for people that are known well and have experienced the giver's sense of humor in the past. People who the giver does not know well or those who haven't been around the giver for a long period of time may have an unexpected reaction upon receiving the gift. Remember, gag gifts are supposed to be humorous and the joke will not be funny if the recipient does not get the joke.

How formal is the occasion?

Another thing that should be kept in mind when deciding whether or not to give gag gifts is whether the occasion for presenting the gifts will be a formal or casual one. Casual gatherings, such as private birthday parties, graduations, and bachelor parties, are all appropriate occasions for giving a person these types of gifts. More formal gatherings, such as large birthday parties, weddings, and any other occasion where there are a large number of family members and acquaintances present, are not good times to present the guest of honor with gag gifts. It may be very embarrassing to receive such a gift in front of a large number of people and guests at the gathering as this may offend the recipient.

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