Choosing the Right Gag Gifts for Any Occasion

Gag gifts are common for many types of celebrations. A gag gift may serve as a diversion while the real gift is ushered in to someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary. When the holidays roll around, gag gifts often add another element of fun to parties and other gatherings. By coming up with the right gag gift, you only make a good thing better. Here are three basic ideas to keep in mind as you choose a gag gift for your next special occasion.

Gag gifts are meant to bring a smile to the face of the recipient which means the gift should be selected with a degree of care. Keep in mind that what delights one person may trigger unhappy memories for another person. A rag doll dressed in a glitzy Seventies style disco outfit is likely to elicit a laugh from a friend celebrating a fiftieth birthday. However, that same gag gift might remind a couple who experienced the loss of an infant many years ago of a void they still feel in their lives. Make use of everything you know about the recipient if you want to gift to be a success.

Another tip on the proper presentation of gag gifts is to steer clear of anything that hints of being mean spirited. For example, bestowing a gift of beef jerky on a vegetarian would rarely be perceived as funny. While a gag gift is not supposed to cost a great deal of money, it usually is intended to have some small value to the recipient. Forget any ideas that tend to seem critical of the recipient’s lifestyle, religion, or politics and the chances of the gift having a positive effect will be greatly enhanced.

One final consideration has to do with the setting in which the gag gift will be presented. If the presentation is a private one, the gag gift can be of a more personal nature, perhaps even a little naughty. On the other hand, if the presentation of the gift will take place in a public setting, keep it clean and appropriate for a general audience. You do not want to embarrass yourself or the recipient by choosing a gag gift that hints at something private that is not meant for public display.

Remember that the ultimate goal of any gag gift is to make the recipient laugh. By going with a gift that is appropriate for the recipient, the setting, and the occasion, there is an excellent chance you will achieve this goal.

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