Gag Gifts For Men

Many men get a real kick out of gag gifts. In fact, some men with a developed sense of humor love gag gifts almost as much as receiving a real present. If you have a guy in your life that is about to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, here are some ideas that are likely to appeal to his funny bone.

If your guy tends to have a pronounced appreciation for the whimsical, you can provide him with a gift that is obviously diametrically opposed to his personality. For the man who only wears expensive cologne, make a trip to the local grocery store and pick up a bottle or two of old-fashioned eau de toilette – better known as toilet water.

Another approach is to offer your male friend a gift that is completely inappropriate to his sense of dress. For example, if he is a suit and tie kind of guy, give him with a pair of Bermuda shorts in the craziest colors and pattern you can find. Toss in a shirt that is a complete mismatch with the shorts and top it off with the ugliest pair of sunglasses you can find. Everyone will see the humor in the gift immediately.

Your gag gift can also extend to his personal entertainment preferences. If you hear him mention that a particular movie almost put him to sleep, pick up a DVD or VHS copy of the feature film and wrap it in simple brown paper. On the paper, label the contents of the package as a “personal anti-insomnia kit”. The humor will be immediately obvious to everyone who knows how the recipient truly feels about the movie in question.

The real key to giving your male friend or relative an effective gag gift is to use what you know about the individual. Basing the gift idea on something that is the exact opposite of his likes and dislikes is a nice way to convey the fact that you know the guy well enough to tease him a little without crossing a line.

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