Gag Gifts You Can Make At Home

Since the purpose of gag gifts is to have a little fun with someone you know, there is no reason to go out and spend a lot of money for the gift. Save your money for the real gift and use items you have around the house to create your own unique gag gift. Here are a few ideas that are likely to generate plenty of laughter when the recipient opens your present.

Most women love jewelry. So why not create a gorgeous pair of peanut shell earrings? All you need is an old pair of earring studs, hot glue, thread, and a few peanut shells. Simply glue a peanut shell to each stud for a fascinating look. If you want to make the earrings a little more interesting, connect several shells with a needle and thread to create earrings that dangle. For added fun, spray paint them silver or gold to mimic the look of expensive jewelry.

For the busy individual who always plans on getting around to doing things when they can get around to it, help them simplify their lives by meeting this pressing need. Take out a clean paper plate and a wide line marker. On the face of the plate, write “A Round Tuit” in large letters. Use other markers to decorate the paper plate with flowers or other designs that are likely to please the recipient. Tell your friend or acquaintance that they no longer need to go looking for “a round tuit” before tackling those pressing items on their to-do list.

Look around your home for items that you can pull together for the perfect gag gift. With a little glue, some markers, a sewing kit, or staple gun, there is a good chance you can come up with gag gifts that will delight just about anyone.

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