Ideas For Naughty Gag Gifts

Who says that a gag gift can’t have a little edge? When the recipient of the gift happens to be your romantic partner, there is a whole new world of gag gifts that may be ideal for the occasion. If you are wondering how to select a gag gift that is of a more erotic nature, here are some examples to help stimulate your thinking.

One of the classic naughty gag gifts is the blow up doll. Today, these life-sized replicas come in both male and female versions. Less expensive models are very basic. No great expense or creativity goes into making the faces lifelike or being particularly creative with replicating intimate body parts. Still, they can cause quite a stir when presented to your spouse or significant other as a little something they can enjoy when you are not available.

Lingerie and underwear are also potential naughty gag gifts. Don’t go for the designs that are actually intended to be alluring or romantic. Instead, shoot for designs that are intended to be funny. For men, consider briefs decorated with the face of an elephant, complete with a “trunk” that protrudes away from the body of the garment. Women may get a kick out of a set of see-through pajamas that are complete with feet and a neckline that goes all the way up to the chin.

Adult toys can also make a hilarious gag gift as well. There are a number of contraptions on the market today that are so confusing that no one is quite sure what is supposed to go where. You and your partner can have lots of fun turning the toy in several different directions as you attempt to figure out what the manufacturer intended people to do with the toy, other than purchase it.

There are also plenty of naughty magazines that cater to niche audiences. Some of these may be ideal as a gag gift for your love interest. Simply choose a magazine that is focused on body types or sexual positions that are completely outside the scope of your partner’s interest. After the initial scream of shock, your partner is likely to get the joke immediately and join in the laughter.

One important point to keep in mind when selecting a naughty gag gift is to keep the sensibilities of your romantic partner in mind. Never select an item that is likely to offend your love interest in any way. Avoid any naughty item that may call attention to an insecurity your partner may have, or is likely to remind him or her of an unpleasant event in his or her past. Just keep it light, fun, and something the two of you can laugh about whenever the two of you are alone together.

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