What To Do With Old Gag Gifts

One of the attributes of gag gifts is that they inspire a moment of hilarity and then are soon set aside for more serious gifts. Even though their moment in the sun is brief, a gag gift is usually worthy of something other than being tossed in an old trunk or pushed to the back of the closet. Instead of allowing old gag gifts to collect dust in some obscure corner of the house, try one of these ideas for passing them on.

One of your best bets for getting rid of gag gifts is to have a yard sale. If you are like most people, you have plenty of items around the house that you never use anyway. Put up a few signs, take an ad out in the paper and slap price tags on all your unwanted items, including those gag gifts. Not only will they go to good homes and possibly create some more hilarity, you get to make a little money off them.

If setting up a yard sale seems like too much effort, consider giving your gag gifts to a charity that runs a thrift store. You get the benefit of a small tax write off in the form of a charitable donation. Plus, there is always the chance that someone who is looking for the ideal gag gift will come along and snap up the item shortly after it hits the shelves. Just pray the buyer is not a friend of yours planning your next birthday surprise.

Regifting is a time-honored method of passing along unwanted items. If you like to give gag gifts, then simply recycle the ones you receive as the opportunity arises. Make sure you do not pass the gag gift back to the individual that originally bestowed the gift on you, unless the item is modified in some wacky fashion, such as gluing on feathers or sequins.

Passing along your old gag gifts does not mean you failed to enjoy receiving them in the first place. It simply means that you have gotten all the good from the gift that you can manage, and want to provide others with an opportunity to enjoy the item. So clean out your closets and get those gag gifts back in circulation. They may generate laughter for many people in times to come.

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