Gag Gifts-Getting a Laugh At Your Next Party

Birthdays, Christmas and all the rest are often more enjoyable if the celebrations are light-hearted and slightly irreverent. A fun way to achieve this is by giving gag gifts. Listed below are a few ideas for giving gag gifts on different occasions.

Christmas – Doing a “Secret Santa” can be a great way to exchange gag gifts with workmates or family members. Good-natured poking at each other’s personalities, habits and idiosyncrasies can raise quite a few laughs around the Christmas table. Some ideas include giving a cheap wristwatch to someone who is always late, a child’s ‘doctor’s kit’ for someone who is very health conscious or a hand-mirror for someone who is known for constantly checking their hair or makeup.

Birthdays – If you know people who can see the funny side of the fact that they’re ageing, why not ham it up by giving them gag gifts? Put some cheap cold cream in a container and label it “anti-ageing serum”; put some hard candies in a jar and call them “anti-grump pills”. You can also personalize things a bit more with a little creativity.

Hen’s Night – A girl’s hen’s night is her last chance to kick her heels up before getting married. Giving gag gifts has become something of a hen’s night tradition over time. Furry handcuffs, a “French Maid” outfit, edible underwear or even a make-believe whip to keep her future husband on track are all fun filled gag gifts that can stir laughs and add to the spirits of the event.

Buck’s Night – Guys can also have a few laughs by giving gag gifts to the buck on his last big night before going down the aisle. Why not give the buck a plastic ball & chain to attach to his ankle, or a big pair of antlers to wear on the night?

Whatever the occasion, having fun with gag gifts is a great way to add a dose of humor to any celebration. A bit of creativity mixed with a dash of irreverence can certainly go a long way!

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