Simple Gag Gifts For Birthdays

Gag gifts can be a lot of fun any time, but they are especially joyful when a birthday rolls around. If you really want to make the day more special for a loved one, try one of these inexpensive but very effective gag gift ideas.

One approach to a gag gift is to ask the recipient for a list of some things he or she would like to receive as a birthday gift. Chances are several items added to the list are there just for the fun of it. For example, your loved one may list such items as a new car, a new house, or some designer clothing and have no expectation of receiving anything that elaborate or expensive.

Still, your gag gift can cover any and all of these items from the wish list. For the new car, pick up an inexpensive model car kit. A new house can be a simple dollhouse you pick up in a discount retail store. As for the designer clothing, visit a toy store and pick up a doll’s outfit that is based on a brand name designer creation. The recipient is sure to get the joke and share a good laugh with you and anyone else present.

Another way to go with a gag gift is to choose an item that is relevant to some past event that your loved one remembers fondly. Perhaps your friend once visited Denmark and loved the trip. As a gag gift, secure a pair of wooden shoes and plant a tulip in each shoe. The gift will evoke happy memories as well as generate some laughs.

Depending on the relationship between you and the recipient of the gag gift, a little teasing may be appropriate. One approach is to present an item that is decidedly not to the taste of the individual. Instead of a beautiful crystal vase to add to your friend’s collection, give a porcelain planter in the shape of a smiling pig. The incongruity of the gift will be readily apparent to everyone and inspire laughs for a long time to come.

Gag gifts are meant to be simple, fun, and memorable. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the gifts in order to achieve all these attributes. Have fun with the selection and enjoy the laughter.

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