How to Use Gag Gifts Appropriately

Gag gifts are part of a worldwide culture. People love giving them and consequently watching the expressions on a recipient’s face which makes everyone present burst out laughing hysterically. There are gag gifts for every possible occasion or situation, including milestone birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries and many more. People love to give gag gifts for milestone birthdays like the fiftieth birthday. Any store will have “over the hill” paraphernalia to mark the transition into the second half of a person’s life. Every card section has “funny” cards that are all about the recipient growing old enough to hardly be able to perform simple tasks or even remember the day of the week.

Who should I give a gag gift to?

In order to choose an appropriate time to give gag gifts, you have to know whether it is appropriate enough in the first place to give it to that person or not. Many people do not want to celebrate getting a year older and are not able to laugh at their own stage of life. If you give a gag gift for growing older to a woman who does not want to celebrate her birthday just because she doesn’t like the concept of aging then you are setting yourself up for trouble. People who lack any humor directed towards their life will not be a good choice to give a gag gift to. They will not want one, they will not appreciate it, and it could most certainly make them cry. Even if it does not make them cry, it will most likely put you on their list of people they do not like.

People who can be given any kind of gag gifts without worries of offending them are those who have the sense of humor to laugh at themselves. If they fall down the stairs (and are not hurt!), they can laugh it off. If they are in public and realize that they have worn their shirt inside out all day long, they laugh about it and even tell people about it. These are probably the people who you should give such gag gifts to because they will appreciate it. If you know people who cry at the slightest embarrassing moment or hide any funny blunders they make even from people who are close to them, you absolutely should not give those people any such gag gifts!

When should I give a gag gift?

The best time to give gag gifts (to an appropriate person, of course!), is when other people are around. You will want others present to laugh with the recipient. If you want maximum humor to make people burst out laughing, time the gag gift for something big, like a fiftieth birthday party. The recipient will probably be expecting some sort of gag gifts, so it is important to get a really great gag gift ready. Make sure that it doesn’t embarrass the recipient (for example, do not give a fake hearing aid to someone who has difficulty hearing or a gigantic bra to a woman who is overweight). Also, make sure that the gift is something that every one will understand and not just the recipient. Once you have all of these covered, give the gag gift, sit back and watch the recipient and the audience react to it!

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