What are Gag Gifts?

Anyone who has been to a fiftieth birthday party has seen gag gifts in use. A fifty year old woman receives a card with a strikingly handsome man on the front asking “would you like me to take it all off?” Flipping the card open, she sees a completely bald man holding a wig in his hands. Such are gag cards, a version of gag gifts. In another scenario, an old man opens a gift to see several bottles of pills. One is labeled “Anti Forgetfulness Pills,” another one holds erectile dysfunction pills inside. These are a few examples of gag gifts some people have actually received.

Gag gifts can range from being funny to crude and also absolutely hilarious. These gifts are things that really have no use to the person receiving them, like the previously mentioned example of gag pills. Obscene gag gifts can be sex toys or lingerie, while crude gag gifts range from fake vomit to fake dog poop. Other gag gifts include extremely spicy gum, water squirting flowers, and cans which spray confetti at you when you open them. As you can see, gag gifts have quite a range.

The range of gag gifts shows just how much people like to poke fun at others in a lighthearted manner. There is a gag gift for every occasion, every situation, and every person. If you wish to find a gag gift for a friend, family member, loved one, or even someone you do not like, all you have to do is walk into your local variety store. You will have plenty of options!

When are gag gifts most commonly used?

Gag gifts are often seen at fiftieth and other milestone birthdays and April Fools’ Day. Many stores have entirely separate sections devoted to gag gifts. If you see one of these sections, you will notice that a large portion of the gifts are targeted towards jokes on growing older. There are bras for sagging breasts, men’s erectile dysfunction pills, super thick eye glasses, fake hearing aids and several such hilarious gifts. These gag gifts are intended to take the concept of growing older in a lighthearted way. Instead of judging old age as a decline of life and thinking of it in a negative light, gag gifts help the recipient to laugh off their age and realize just how well off they are. The man receiving erectile dysfunction pills may hopefully be glad that he does not actually need them. The woman receiving a huge bra to lift her sagging breasts can be glad that she does not really need a bra that large. The same goes for the eye glasses and hearing aids. Most of the time people do not joke about the realities of life. So a woman who actually needs a bra like the one stated would not be given one as a gag gift, and someone who needs a hearing aid would not get it as a gift either. The positive aspect of gag gifts is that while these make fun of something in a positive way, they are not actually meant to hurt someone or make them feel resentful.

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